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It should come as no surprise that Easton Cycling is leading the market with these innovative wheels and components. Through our advanced mix of materials and clever proprietary design we're able to introduce ground-breaking innovations as well as products that offer best-in-class value. We embrace new materials, create new technologies and introduce industry standards all to make your bike ride smoother, go faster and last longer. Easton Cycling exists for one reason - to make bikes better. Spend a few moments on this website and just imagine how much better we can make your bike.

Crosswind Stability

The EC90 AERO 55 is in a class of its own in terms of stability and aerodynamic performance.

This wheelset boasts the aerodynamics of a 90mm deep time trial wheelset, yet it's nearly half that depth. The shallower the depth alone helps in crosswinds, but the EC90 AERO's real advantage is in it's rounded profile. "Clean shapes" like those, offer improved stability by decreasing the low pressure void that runs alongside wheels in cross winds.

Taking the Lead in Aerodynamics

We've proven that rim shape is more important than rim depth.

The EC90 AERO 55 wheelset is aerodynamically faster than any wheels with 80-90mm rims. In addition, these wheels are more stable in cross winds and lighter than standard "time trial only" options. This wheelset performs in all conditions. That's why we call the EC90 AERO 55 the Single Wheelset Arsenal.

Wind Averaged Drag

The new EC90 AERO 55 is the first wheel to be developed using wind averaged drag

As a guide to achieving class-leading overall aerodynamics, WAD averages all possible yaw angles and calculates a single drag number. From there we can determine time saved in a simulated race situation.

Proven in the wind tunnel

The numbers dont lie.

Working with leading aerodynamicist Len Brownlie, we benchmarked the industry's leading aero wheels, tested dozens of our own rim concepts and scrutinised every rim/tire combination we could find. We settled on this 55mm deep and 19mm wide (internal, clincher) carbon fibre work of art that we call Fantom. The test results speak for themselves.

Certified Road tubeless

Easton's EC90 AERO 55 clinchers are the only fully-sealed, road tubeless certified carbon clinchers available.

Thanks to our patented system, there's no need to resort to rim tape to create an air-tight seal. Better yet, we brought this flagship technology from the EC90 level, throughout the EA90 level wheels.

Reversed drive mechanism

Every aspect of the Echo hub is optimised for durability, even the drive mechanism.

We did this by reversing the orientation. The pawls are attached to the hub shell and the drive ring is on the cassette body. Each pawl is individually sprung and crafted to be efficient and self-engaging. In addition, engagement has been improved from 7 to 12 degrees.

Comparative bearing spans

Gallery Image, Echo, Hub, Bearing Span Comparison, Echo 95 mm widest in comparison

We pushed the two main drive bearings as far apart as possible.

50mm further apart than the previous R4 hubs. The end result? Longer, smoother and more consistant bearing performance.

Extra Wide Bearing Stance

Gallery Image, Echo, Hub, Bearing Diagram, Aluminum, Road

Basic physics tells us that the closer the drive-side bearing is to the centre of the shell, the more stress it will see.

You dont need to be a world class sprinter to flex an alloy axle, and its this movement that will limit the life of the bearings. The best feature of the Echo rear hub is the wide bearing stance. We pushed the two main load bearings as far apart as possible.

Why Aerodynamics Matter

Up to 90% of your energy is spent simply fighting wind resistance. When you're riding anything but a steep climb, improving your aerodynamics is like getting a boost of free speed. You can go faster and travel further while exerting less energy. If you're a competitive cyclist, you must be concerned with aerodynamic effeciancy.

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